Posing Questions with Scientific

Scientific inquiry often begins with a problem or question about an observation. In the case of the crikets, your question mightbe;Does the air temperature affect the chirping of crickets? Of course, questions don't just come to you from nowhere. Instead, questions come from experiences that you have and from observations and inferences that you make. Curiosity plays a large roll as well. Think of a time that you observed something unusual or unexpected. Chances are good that your curiosity sparked a number of questions. Some questions cannot be investigated by scientific inquiry.Think about the difference between the two questions below.
-Why has my cd player stopped working?
-What kind of music should I listen to on my cd player?
The first question is a scientific question because it can be answered by making observations and gathering evidence. For example, you could change the batteries in your cd player and observe whether it begin to work. In contrast, the second question has to do with personal opinions or values. Scientific inquiry cannot answer questions about personal tastes or judgments.

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